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If you are looking for authentic Italian Honey products then check out our incredible range of honey and bee products. We work only with authorized and licensed honey product suppliers thereby ensuring that we bring you an extensive choice of incredibly tasting honey selections that are great for cooking, eating raw and make wonderful gifts.

Check out our tasting selections that give you the chance to taste 3 or more different natural honey varieties, these really do make an excellent gift also!

Top 10 Fantastic Honey Gifts

If you are searching for the sweetest honey gift’s to give to your loved one’s, friends and family then you cant go wrong with a honey gift pack or jar of incredibly tasting organic honey.

Honestly, honey is the perfect gift for a birthday, anniversary, valentines day, to say thank you or just to show that you love them.

We list all our incredible honey gift options that include;

  • Honey tasting gift boxes
  • Charming honey pots
  • Gift packed honey
  • Artisan designed honey and bee t-shirts for babies, children and even adults

We make choosing honey gifts easy, there’s something for everyone in our online honey shop.

Honey and Other Products available

Bees don’t just create honey, they also in the course of living as a hive, create a multitude of amazing products, that we can also use after the bees have used them, obviously there is honey, but then check out all the other bee based products we offer for sale on our Italian Honey website.

  • All Natural Honey a sweetener rich in bioactive substances
  • Pollen a good source of proteins and vitamins
  • Royal Jelly an excellent dietary supplement
  • Propolis proven to be a natural antibiotic
  • Wax based products for softer and younger looking skin

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What are the Health Benefits of Honey

  • Honey Prevents cancer and heart disease Honey contains flavonoids and antioxidants
  • Reduce ulcers and gastrointestinal disorders Research shows that honey treatment may help these disorders
  • Reduces coughs and throat irritation It helps with coughs and relieves nocturnal coughs
  • Blood sugar regulation Combination of fructose and glucose helps the body regulate blood sugar levels
  • Heal wounds and burns Applied to the skin, has drying and antibacterial properties
  • Probiotic Some varieties possess large amounts of friendly bacteria
  • Strengthen the Immune System Stimulate the production of immune cells

Tuscan Honey types

  • Acacia Honey ‘Miele di Acacia Toscano’
  • Lunigiana Honey ‘Miele della Lunigiana’
  • Heather Honey ‘Miele di Erica Toscano’
  • Strawberry Tree Honey ‘Miele di Corbezzolo Toscano’
  • Blackberry & Raspberries ‘Miele di rovo’
  • Chestnut Honey ‘Miele di Castagno Toscano’
  • Hawthorn ‘Miele di biancospino’
  • Alfalfa ‘Miele di erba medica’
  • Sunflower Honey ‘Miele di girasole Toscano’=
  • Wildflower Honey ‘Miele Millefiori Toscano’

What is Honey?

So what is this golden bounty that bees make for us? We look at how bees make honey, and answer all your questions. Bees are the only insects that directly make food for human consumption, obviously they don’t do it just for us but with our series on honey creation you can learn more.

How to store honey

To preserve that incredible sweet honey flavor you really don’t need to do much but there are some things you definitely should not do. in our article on storing honey at home we go over the DO’s and DONT’s of keeping your honey as fresh and tasty as the day you opened it.

About the Italian Honey Bee

Italians honey bee’s (Apis mellifera ligustica) are calculated to be the world’s most widely distributed honey bee and are thought to have originated in the Italian peninsular just south of the Alps.

These hardy bees flourished in a warm stable climate which meant that their queen bee’s also carried on laying throughout the year, making the hive’s large, strong an always long lived, it does however mean they need more honey and pollen stored to survive their short winter period.

Tasty Honey Recipe’s

If you are looking for the very best way’s to incorporate honey into your home cooking then we have some treats for you! With so many different ways to use it, honey really can become one of your most used ingredients when cooking starters, main courses and of course desserts. There are also incredible drinks you can create that will compliment any meal.

Become a Honey Sommelier

Would you like to become a honey tasting expert and attend honey school? Maybe you would like to just pick up some tips on honey tasting. Check out our honey school pages where you can learn about the flavour’s, textures, aroma’s and from this determine the flowers, trees or type of process used to make our incredible Italian Honey.

Planting your own Bee friendly Garden

Whether you have flower pots on your window sill, hanging baskets in front of your door or have the ability to plant an area of your yard or garden with bee friendly plants and flowers, these busy little pollinators will appreciate any effort you make.

Bee’s are expert forgers and can find the source of pollen and nectar within their hive’s area, as such its great to be able to help out these busy pollinators. Read more about the types of plants and flowers that Bees love during the year.

Support the Bee’s, Join our honey Club

We work hard to keep our bees healthy and strong so they can continue their excellent job of pollinating, it takes a lot of time, effort and love to keep the bee’s happy and healthy and if you would like to help us out, you can join our honey club giving you access to great honey discounts as well as access to great information and bee content that is not shared on our site.

All members get your Bee Club t-shirt and gift. You can sign up for loved ones and friends to, give the gift of the Bee Club. Join Us today.

Meet our Bee’s

If you would like to have an exciting day out and meet our bee’s then we can make it possible. You day day starts with an introduction about bee’s, we then get suited up in our bee outfits and take a walk out to the hive’s. There we will look at the makeup of a hive, look to find and identify the queen, examine the hive and learn about the internal makeup of the hive. Lunch comes next, which is followed by a look at the harvesting of honey, and the creation of other honey products.


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